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Advantages of camping

The first benefit is that it helps the person to breathe fresh air. The air in the city or town is more polluted when compared to any camping area. People sometimes visit camping because they like to breathe fresh air and get rid of the toxic air present in the cities.

The second benefit of camping is that it helps people to socialize. People can socialize better if on camping. One can bring their friend, lover, family on camping. It serves as a great platform for people to exchange their thoughts and feel alive.

The third benefit of camping is that it improves the mood pf the person. Camping helps the person to feel good and helps to regulate the mood of the person. It helps to cast out stress and tension from the body. Camping helps the person to feel alive and helps them to get rid of any negative thoughts in the body. In one-way camping helps to clear the mind of the person.

Movies about camping

Many movies have been made upon camping, these movies are released every summer and they motivate many people to go camping. These movies are either shot on camping location or they show camping process. These movies are watched by campers as let as they can correlate it with themselves. let us see some of the movies about camping.

The great outdoors

The great outdoor is one of the funniest old classic movies that have camping as one of its themes. The movie was released in the year 1988 and it stars comedian John Candy and Dan Akroyd in the lead roles. The main plot of the story is about a family who plans to go camping. Things become haywire when relative joins the camping trip for fun and chaos ensues.

The parent traps

The parent trap was realized in the year 1988 and is a remake of an old film of the same name. The movie stars Dennis quad and Lindsay Lohan in the main role. The plot is about two twins who were separated at birth and meet up at a summer camp. They realized they are twins and they switch places to meet the parent they have never met before. This move is another great family movie although it does not have camping as its main theme.


Heavyweight is another comedy movie that was released in the year 1995. The movie is about a weightless counselor whish is portrayed by Ben Stiller. The kid’s counselor wishes to make everyone first and thus he rents out a camp and makes children follow his weight loss routine. Things go haywire when the children grow tired of his rules and start to plot against him for revenge.

Moonrise kingdom

The movie moonrise is one of the few camping classic films that was nominated for an academy award. The movie was released in the year 2012 and it tells the story of a boy who wants to escape summer camp to meet a pen friend. The movie is set up in the year 1965 and is one of the best camping classic movies that is ever made.

Without a paddle

Without a paddle was released in the year 2004 and is stars Seth green and Dax Sphered in the main role. The plot of the movie is about two friends who are united for a trip to search for a lost treasure.

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